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    Aaron Arkin began studying sleep in 1998, and has spent his entire career in various capacities in the sleep industry. He first became interested in sleep through the Psychology program at Trent University, and specialized in the relationship between Sleep, Learning, and Memory. After graduation, Aaron earned registry status as a polysomnographic technologist (RPSGT). From there, Aaron entered the Graduate Program at the University of Southern Mississippi in Experimental Psychology, where he continued his research into the relationship between Sleep, Learning, and Memory. Following Graduate School, Aaron was hired by the company responsible for the SANDMAN sleep diagnostic product as its Canadian sleep specialist. This allowed Aaron to travel across Canada and visit every sleep laboratory. After several years of helping to set up sleep laboratories across Canada, Aaron decided to develop a program that helps patients with behavioural sleep issues – primarily, insomnia. The Evolution Sleep program was born and has been helping people sleep better since 2013!

    Aaron Arkin B.SC., RPSGT, RP

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    Aaron Arkin B.SC., RPSGT, RP

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    Welcome to the course!
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    • Welcome to A Primer on Insomnia
    • Program Handout: Download, Print, Follow Along and Make Notes!
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    A Primer on Insomnia
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    • A Primer on Insomnia
    • Insomnia: Who Needs Help and How to Find It!
    • Test your learning
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    Next steps
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    • Insomnia and OSA
    • CBTi: Who is it for? What's New? Where do we go from Here?
    • Delivering CBTi in the Real World
    • CBTi for Acute Insomnia
    • Brief Behavioural Treatment of Insomnia
    • More resources for you
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