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  • How Long do I have access to CLOUD based programs?

    Unless stated otherwise, access to the "a la carte" CLOUD based programs is for a one week duration from date of registration. Some special programs or "Bundled" programs may allow longer access which will be clearly stated in the program details. Access to Sleep CLOUD based programs is unlimited when registered with zSleepClub providing your registration is current.

  • Do I have to complete CLOUD Based programs in one session?

    No. The programs are presented in sections. You can stop and re-start at the end of a section, or part way through a section, as you wish. Learn on your terms.

  • Is there any limit as to how often I view the program or any content such as videos?

    There is no limit as to how many times you access any content in the program you registered for while you are entitled to that content.

  • How do I access the CLOUD based programs I have registered for?

    Simply Login to your account and go to your Dashboard. There you will have access to any programs that you are currently registered for.

  • Can I download the videos or any other content from my purchased program?

    Some select content can be downloaded and will be indicated as such. However, you must be online and logged into your account to access your programs which can be viewed from any digital device that is connected to the internet.

  • Do SDDacademy CE credits count toward my AGD Transcript?

    All Paid Registrations for CLASS and CLOUD based SDDacademy CE programs can be applied towards your AGD Transcript. Upon completion of your CLOUD based CE program you will be prompted to alert us that you are requesting your CE points be submitted to the AGD. You will be asked for your AGD number, so please have it handy. As your AGD status may change, you are required to alert us at the end of each program. When attending a CLASS based CE program, you will be asked to sign in, and provide your AGD number in order to qualify. Complementary programs do not qualify for your AGD Transcript, however, a CE certificate will be issued for complimentary programs that should qualify for your local licensing body.